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July 9, 2017SundayAMPastor FoxA Story That Seems To Be One Chapter Too LongJonahListen/Download
July 9, 2017SundayPMMissionary Joe DelpAspects of Revival1 Samuel 7:3Listen/Download
July 2, 2017SundayAMPastor FoxThe Truth Shall Make You FreeJohn 8:31-32Listen/Download
July 2, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxThe Freedom of ForgivenessEphesians 4:32Listen/Download
June 25, 2017SundayAMPastor FoxHe Is Able!Daniel 6:20Listen/Download
June 25, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxThe Importance of Follow ThroughProverbs 12:27Listen/Download
June 18, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickWho Am I?1 Chronicles 29:10-19Listen/Download
June 18, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxNoah and the Saving of His HouseHebrews 11:7Listen/Download
June 11, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and LeadershipActs 20:28Listen/Download
June 11, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and ApostasyActs 28:16-29Listen/Download
June 4, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and the Human SpiritActs 17:16Listen/Download
June 4, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxHe That Warreth2 Timothy 2:4; 2 John 8Listen/Download
May 28, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Open DoorsActs 16:6-10Listen/Download
May 28, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickAn Excellent SpiritDaniel 6:1-3Listen/Download
May 21, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Agreement Among the BrethrenActs 15:13-29Listen/Download
May 21, 2017SundayPMMissionary Paul HitzI Waited Patiently for the LORDPsalm 40:1-3Listen/Download
May 14, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Value of a Godly MotherProverbs 31Listen/Download
May 14, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxThe 4 FoolsProverbsListen/Download
May 7, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and the First MissionariesActs 13Listen/Download
May 7, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickPresumptionPsalm 19Listen/Download
April 30, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and the First ChristiansActs 11:19-26Listen/Download
April 30, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Eye That Mocketh At His FatherProverbs 30:17Listen/Download
April 23, 2017SundaySunday SchoolPastor DeatrickTheology of Sickness - Part 1Selected ScriptureListen/Download
April 23, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Peter - Part 2Acts 10:1-11:18Listen/Download
April 23, 2017SundayPMPastor Deatrick Theology of Sickness - Part 2Selected ScriptureListen/Download
April 16, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickWhy the Resurrection Is ImportantMatthew 28Listen/Download
April 16, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxThese Three MenEzekiel 14:14-21Listen/Download
April 9, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and PeterActs 9:31-43Listen/Download
April 9, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickContention: Isaac Named the Well EsekGenesis 26:17-33Listen/Download
April 2, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Conversion of Saul of TarsusActs 9:1-25Listen/Download
April 2, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickAbraham and Lot: Contentment vs CovetousnessGenesis 13:1-13Listen/Download
March 26, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Philip - Part 2Acts 8:26-40Listen/Download
March 26, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxWho Can Stand Before Envy?Proverbs 27:4Listen/Download
March 22, 2017WednesdayPMPastor Levi DeatrickA Home with Sound DoctrineTitus 2Listen/Download
March 21, 2017TuesdayPMPastor Levi DeatrickThe Christ-Centered HomeColossians 3:18-21Listen/Download
March 20, 2017MondayPMPastor Levi DeatrickA Home That Brings Glory to GodEphesians 5:22Listen/Download
March 19, 2017
Family Conference
SundaySunday SchoolPastor Levi DeatrickDay and Night: Meditation and MemorizationSelected ScripturesListen/Download
March 19, 2017SundayAMPastor Levi DeatrickWhat Are You Doing With Your Peace?Acts 9:31Listen/Download
March 19, 2017SundayPMPastor Levi DeatrickDo You Have the Mind of Christ?Philippians 2:1-11Listen/Download
March 18, 2017AIBCI Men's ConferenceRecommended SermonPastor Deatrick13 Ways Parents Provoke Their Children to WrathSelectedListen/Download
March 12, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Philip - Part 1Acts 8:1-8,14-17Listen/Download
March 12, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickChristian Apparel - Part 2Selected ScripturesListen/Download
March 5, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and StephenActs 6:9-7:60Listen/Download
March 5, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickChristian Apparel - Part 1Selected ScripturesListen/Download
February 26, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and AdministrationActs 6Listen/Download
February 26, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickCan a Christian Be Possessed By a Demon?Selected ScripturesListen/Download
February 19, 2017SundayAMPastor FoxA Fulfilling Christian LifeJohn 10:10Listen/Download
February 19, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxContinue Thou 2 Timothy 3:13-17Listen/Download
February 12, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Civil DisobedienceActs 5:17-42Listen/Download
February 12, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickDress UpEphesians 4:20-5:2Listen/Download
February 5, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and the ApostlesActs 5:12-16Listen/Download
January 29, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Giving - Part 1Acts 4:31-37Listen/Download
January 29, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Giving - Part 2Acts 5:1-11Listen/Download
January 22, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and PersecutionActs 4:1-31Listen/Download
January 22, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxThree Choices, One IssueMatthew 6:19-24Listen/Download
January 15, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Healing - Part 2Acts 3:12-26Listen/Download
January 15, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickTry the Spirits1 John 4:1Listen/Download
January 8, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Healing - Part 1Acts 3:1-11Listen/Download
January 8, 2017SundayPMMissionary Eli SchrockThe Big PicturePsalm 115Listen/Download
January 1, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickVowsEcclesiastes 5:1-7Listen/Download
January 1, 2017SundayPMMissionary David SchrockSeeing the Fruit and BelievingNumbers 13:17ffListen/Download
December 25, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThou Shalt Call His Name JesusLuke 1:26-31Listen/Download
December 25, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickMary's Example to YouthLuke 1:26-38Listen/Download
December 18, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickChristmas ShepherdsLuke 2:1-20Listen/Download
December 18, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxThe Wonderful Name of JesusMatthew 1:21-23Listen/Download
December 11, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickGetting Christmas RightActs 20:32-35Listen/Download
December 4, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickGod's BakeryLuke 2:1-6Listen/Download
December 4, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickThree Ministries of the Holy SpiritSelected ScripturesListen/Download
November 27, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Part 2Acts 2:1-4Listen/Download
November 27, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickThings That Impair VisionSelected ScripturesListen/Download
November 20, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Part 1Acts 2Listen/Download
November 13, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Ascension of JesusActs 1:1-14Listen/Download
November 13, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickPaul's Macedonia VisionActs 16:6-7Listen/Download
November 6, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickJesus with the ElevenLuke 24:36-53Listen/Download
November 6, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickPaul's Heavenly VisionSelected ScripturesListen/Download
October 30, 2016SundayAMMissionary Mark LockhartGod Sees the HeartMark 12:41-44Listen/Download
October 30, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickOn the Emmaus Road with JesusLuke 24:13-34Listen/Download
October 23, 2016SundayAMPastor FoxThe Exhausted SoulMatthew 11:28-30Listen/Download
October 23, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxQuestioning God's CallExodus 3:1-4:14Listen/Download
October 16, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Resurrection of JesusLuke 24:1-12Listen/Download
October 16, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickMy Heart Is BrokenJeremiah 23:9Listen/Download
October 9, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickIn the Tomb with JesusLuke 23:50-56Listen/Download
October 9, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickHis Word Was in My HeartJeremiah 20:9Listen/Download
October 2, 2016SundayAMPastor FoxArmed for Battle - Part 1Ephesians 6:10-14Listen/Download
October 2, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxArmed for Battle - Part 2Ephesians 6:15-17Listen/Download
September 25, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickOn the Cross with Jesus - Part 2Luke 23:44-49Listen/Download
September 25, 2016SundayPMMissionary Peter DoolittleReasons to Rejoice1 Peter 1:3-9Listen/Download
September 18, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickOn the Cross with Jesus - Part 1Luke 23:26-43Listen/Download
September 18, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxA Plea for ForgivenessPhilemonListen/Download
September 11, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickIn the Court Room with JesusLuke 22:54-23:24Listen/Download
September 11, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Potter's HouseJeremiah 18:1-10Listen/Download
September 4, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickIn the Garden with JesusLuke 22:39-53Listen/Download
September 4, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxUpward Love1 Peter 3:8-12Listen/Download
August 28, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickIn the Upper Room with JesusLuke 22:1-27Listen/Download
August 28, 2016SundayPMMissionary Phil PrettymanOrdinary Men Become Mighty Men2 Samuel 23:8-22Listen/Download
August 21, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Olivet Discourse According to Luke - Part 1Luke 21:5-28Listen/Download
August 21, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Olivet Discourse According to Luke - Part 2Luke 21:29-38Listen/Download
August 14, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Widow's MitesLuke 21:1-4Listen/Download
August 14, 2016SundayPMMissionary Tim MeyerAll NationsMatthew 28:18-20Listen/Download
August 7, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickWhat Think Ye of Christ?Luke 20:41-47Listen/Download
August 7, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickWearied by the FootmenJeremiah 12:5Listen/Download
July 31, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe God of the LivingLuke 20:19-40Listen/Download
July 31, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickPray Not Thou for This PeopleJeremiah 7:16Listen/Download
July 24, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickKilling the Son and Rejecting the StoneLuke 20:1-18Listen/Download
July 24, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickHow God Sees His PeopleJeremiah 2Listen/Download