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March 4, 2018SundayAMPastor FoxLessons in OutreachActs 16:9-34Listen/Download
March 4, 2018SundayPMPastor FoxEndure Hardness2 Timothy 2:1-4Listen/Download
February 25, 2018SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Daniel and His PropheciesDanielListen/Download
February 25, 2018SundayPMPastor FoxOne Book We Cannot Afford to Leave on the ShelfSelected ScriptureListen/Download
February 18, 2018SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Josiah, the Last Good King of Judah2 Chronicles 34:1-2Listen/Download
February 18, 2018SundayPMPastor DeatrickElijah1 Kings 17-2 Kings 2Listen/Download
February 11, 2018SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Hezekiah2 Chronicles 29:2Listen/Download
February 11, 2018SundayPMPastor DeatrickWe Are His WorkmanshipEphesians 2:10Listen/Download
February 4, 2018SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: King Solomon2 Chronicles 1-8Listen/Download
January 28, 2018SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: David & Bathsheba2 Samuel 11Listen/Download
January 28, 2018SundayPMPastor FoxThe Key to Appropriately Practicing Your FaithRomans 8:9-13Listen/Download
January 21, 2018SundayAMPastor FoxDoes Your Faith Work?James 2:14-26Listen/Download
January 21, 2018SundayPMPastor FoxMessage not available due to recording error
January 14, 2018SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: David & Goliath1 Samuel 17Listen/Download
January 14, 2018SundayPMPastor DeatrickDavid & Jonathan: Lessons in Friendship1 Samuel 18Listen/Download
January 7, 2018SundayAMJohn O'MalleyCreating a Missions Environment in the Local ChurchActs 13Listen/Download
January 7, 2018SundayPMPastor DeatrickCommissioning of Michael & Honorah DeatrickSelected ScriptureListen/Download
December 31, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickPromises to the Overcomers - Part 1Revelation 1-3Listen/Download
December 31, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickPromises to the Overcomers - Part 2Revelation 2-3Listen/Download
December 24, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe ShepherdsLuke 2:1-20Listen/Download
December 24, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickFear NotLuke 1Listen/Download
December 17, 2017SundayAMPastor FoxJesus the Lamb1 Peter 1:17-21Listen/Download
December 17, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickMatthew's Genealogy of ChristMatthew 1:1-16Listen/Download
December 10, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Samuel - Prophet, Priest, and King1 SamuelListen/Download
December 10, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Far Off Near and the Near Far OffMatthew 2; Ephesians 2Listen/Download
December 3, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Ruth & BoazRuthListen/Download
December 3, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickLet Us Not Be Weary in Well DoingGalatians 6:7-10Listen/Download
November 26, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Samson & DelilahJudges 16:4-20Listen/Download
November 19, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickBlessed Be GodEphesians 1-2Listen/Download
November 12, 2017SundayAMPastor FoxPassing On the FightSelected ScriptureListen/Download
November 12, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickOvershadowedJohn 1:28ffListen/Download
November 5, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Gideon's BandJudges 6-8Listen/Download
November 5, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxBefore ConquestJoshua 1:1-9Listen/Download
October 29, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickAs for Me and My HouseJoshua 11-24Listen/Download
October 29, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Protestant Reformation - Part 3Selected ScripturesListen/Download
October 22, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Joshua and Battles of Ai and Beth HoronJoshua 7-10Listen/Download
October 22, 2017SundayPMMissionary Gary MessickHindrances to Serving GodSelected ScripturesListen/Download
October 15, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Joshua and the Battle of JerichoJoshua 1-6Listen/Download
October 15, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Protestant Reformation - Part 21 Timothy 4:1-3;
2 Timothy 3:1-5
October 8, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Moses the Servant of GodDeuteronomyListen/Download
October 8, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Protestant Reformation - Part 1Matthew 26:26-29Listen/Download
October 1, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickMoses the LawgiverExodus 19-34Listen/Download
September 24, 2017SundayAMPastor FoxThe Greatest TheftSelected ScripturesListen/Download
September 24, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxThe Trying of Your Faith1 Peter 1:3-6Listen/Download
September 17, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Moses the DelivererExodus 12Listen/Download
September 15, 2017FridayPMPastor Nathan DeatrickBehold My HandsSelected ScripturesListen/Download
September 14, 2017ThursdayPMPastor Nathan DeatrickGod's Plan for Young People1 Corinthians 15:6Listen/Download
September 13, 2017WednesdayPMPastor Nathan DeatrickSeek First the Kingdom of GodMatthew 6:33Listen/Download
September 12, 2017TuesdayPMPastor Nathan DeatrickThe Priority of Sanctification1 Thessalonians 4:1-4Listen/Download
September 11, 2017MondayPMPastor Nathan DeatrickOur Kinsman-Redeemer and the Importance of Staying in the FieldRuthListen/Download
September 10, 2017SundaySSPastor Nathan DeatrickPrayer: An Expression of Our DesperationLuke 11:1-13Listen/Download
September 10, 2017SundayAMPastor Nathan DeatrickReadying Our Hearts to Receive the Word of GodMatthew 13:3-9,18-23Listen/Download
September 10, 2017SundayPMPastor Nathan DeatrickFinding Blessing In Your Prison House ExperienceGenesis 39:19-40:8Listen/Download
September 3, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Joseph and His DreamsGenesis 37-50Listen/Download
September 3, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickStir Up the Gift2 Timothy 1:6-7Listen/Download
August 27, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Jacob & EsauGenesis 25-35Listen/Download
August 27, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxWhy Did He Do That: From Faith to ActionHebrews 11:24-26Listen/Download
August 20, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Abraham & IsaacGenesis 22Listen/Download
August 20, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Elements of RevivalSelected ScripturesListen/Download
August 13, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: The Tower of BabelGenesis 10:8-12; 11:1-9Listen/Download
August 13, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickSodom and GomorrahGenesis 18:16-33Listen/Download
August 6, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Noah and the ArkGenesis 6Listen/Download
August 6, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Story of JobJobListen/Download
July 30, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Cain & AbelGenesis 4Listen/Download
July 30, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickDaniel and the Lions DenDaniel 6Listen/Download
July 23, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: Adam & EveGenesis 2Listen/Download
July 23, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickCaleb's EulogyJoshua 14:6-14Listen/Download
July 16, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat Stories of the Bible: CreationGenesis 1Listen/Download
July 9, 2017SundayAMPastor FoxA Story That Seems To Be One Chapter Too LongJonahListen/Download
July 9, 2017SundayPMMissionary Joe DelpAspects of Revival1 Samuel 7:3Listen/Download
July 2, 2017SundayAMPastor FoxThe Truth Shall Make You FreeJohn 8:31-32Listen/Download
July 2, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxThe Freedom of ForgivenessEphesians 4:32Listen/Download
June 25, 2017SundayAMPastor FoxHe Is Able!Daniel 6:20Listen/Download
June 25, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxThe Importance of Follow ThroughProverbs 12:27Listen/Download
June 18, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickWho Am I?1 Chronicles 29:10-19Listen/Download
June 18, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxNoah and the Saving of His HouseHebrews 11:7Listen/Download
June 11, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and LeadershipActs 20:28Listen/Download
June 11, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and ApostasyActs 28:16-29Listen/Download
June 4, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and the Human SpiritActs 17:16Listen/Download
June 4, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxHe That Warreth2 Timothy 2:4; 2 John 8Listen/Download
May 28, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Open DoorsActs 16:6-10Listen/Download
May 28, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickAn Excellent SpiritDaniel 6:1-3Listen/Download
May 21, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Agreement Among the BrethrenActs 15:13-29Listen/Download
May 21, 2017SundayPMMissionary Paul HitzI Waited Patiently for the LORDPsalm 40:1-3Listen/Download
May 14, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Value of a Godly MotherProverbs 31Listen/Download
May 14, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxThe 4 FoolsProverbsListen/Download
May 7, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and the First MissionariesActs 13Listen/Download
May 7, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickPresumptionPsalm 19Listen/Download
April 30, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and the First ChristiansActs 11:19-26Listen/Download
April 30, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Eye That Mocketh At His FatherProverbs 30:17Listen/Download
April 23, 2017SundaySunday SchoolPastor DeatrickTheology of Sickness - Part 1Selected ScriptureListen/Download
April 23, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Peter - Part 2Acts 10:1-11:18Listen/Download
April 23, 2017SundayPMPastor Deatrick Theology of Sickness - Part 2Selected ScriptureListen/Download
April 16, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickWhy the Resurrection Is ImportantMatthew 28Listen/Download
April 16, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxThese Three MenEzekiel 14:14-21Listen/Download
April 9, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and PeterActs 9:31-43Listen/Download
April 9, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickContention: Isaac Named the Well EsekGenesis 26:17-33Listen/Download
April 2, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Conversion of Saul of TarsusActs 9:1-25Listen/Download
April 2, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickAbraham and Lot: Contentment vs CovetousnessGenesis 13:1-13Listen/Download
March 26, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Philip - Part 2Acts 8:26-40Listen/Download
March 26, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxWho Can Stand Before Envy?Proverbs 27:4Listen/Download
March 22, 2017WednesdayPMPastor Levi DeatrickA Home with Sound DoctrineTitus 2Listen/Download
March 21, 2017TuesdayPMPastor Levi DeatrickThe Christ-Centered HomeColossians 3:18-21Listen/Download
March 20, 2017MondayPMPastor Levi DeatrickA Home That Brings Glory to GodEphesians 5:22Listen/Download
March 19, 2017
Family Conference
SundaySunday SchoolPastor Levi DeatrickDay and Night: Meditation and MemorizationSelected ScripturesListen/Download
March 19, 2017SundayAMPastor Levi DeatrickWhat Are You Doing With Your Peace?Acts 9:31Listen/Download
March 19, 2017SundayPMPastor Levi DeatrickDo You Have the Mind of Christ?Philippians 2:1-11Listen/Download
March 18, 2017AIBCI Men's ConferenceRecommended SermonPastor Deatrick13 Ways Parents Provoke Their Children to WrathSelectedListen/Download
March 12, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Philip - Part 1Acts 8:1-8,14-17Listen/Download
March 12, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickChristian Apparel - Part 2Selected ScripturesListen/Download
March 5, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and StephenActs 6:9-7:60Listen/Download
March 5, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickChristian Apparel - Part 1Selected ScripturesListen/Download
February 26, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and AdministrationActs 6Listen/Download
February 26, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickCan a Christian Be Possessed By a Demon?Selected ScripturesListen/Download
February 19, 2017SundayAMPastor FoxA Fulfilling Christian LifeJohn 10:10Listen/Download
February 19, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxContinue Thou 2 Timothy 3:13-17Listen/Download
February 12, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Civil DisobedienceActs 5:17-42Listen/Download
February 12, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickDress UpEphesians 4:20-5:2Listen/Download
February 5, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and the ApostlesActs 5:12-16Listen/Download
January 29, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Giving - Part 1Acts 4:31-37Listen/Download
January 29, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Giving - Part 2Acts 5:1-11Listen/Download
January 22, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and PersecutionActs 4:1-31Listen/Download
January 22, 2017SundayPMPastor FoxThree Choices, One IssueMatthew 6:19-24Listen/Download
January 15, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Healing - Part 2Acts 3:12-26Listen/Download
January 15, 2017SundayPMPastor DeatrickTry the Spirits1 John 4:1Listen/Download
January 8, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Spirit and Healing - Part 1Acts 3:1-11Listen/Download
January 8, 2017SundayPMMissionary Eli SchrockThe Big PicturePsalm 115Listen/Download
January 1, 2017SundayAMPastor DeatrickVowsEcclesiastes 5:1-7Listen/Download
January 1, 2017SundayPMMissionary David SchrockSeeing the Fruit and BelievingNumbers 13:17ffListen/Download
December 25, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThou Shalt Call His Name JesusLuke 1:26-31Listen/Download
December 25, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickMary's Example to YouthLuke 1:26-38Listen/Download
December 18, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickChristmas ShepherdsLuke 2:1-20Listen/Download
December 18, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxThe Wonderful Name of JesusMatthew 1:21-23Listen/Download
December 11, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickGetting Christmas RightActs 20:32-35Listen/Download
December 4, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickGod's BakeryLuke 2:1-6Listen/Download
December 4, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickThree Ministries of the Holy SpiritSelected ScripturesListen/Download
November 27, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Part 2Acts 2:1-4Listen/Download
November 27, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickThings That Impair VisionSelected ScripturesListen/Download
November 20, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Part 1Acts 2Listen/Download
November 13, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Ascension of JesusActs 1:1-14Listen/Download
November 13, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickPaul's Macedonia VisionActs 16:6-7Listen/Download
November 6, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickJesus with the ElevenLuke 24:36-53Listen/Download
November 6, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickPaul's Heavenly VisionSelected ScripturesListen/Download
October 30, 2016SundayAMMissionary Mark LockhartGod Sees the HeartMark 12:41-44Listen/Download
October 30, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickOn the Emmaus Road with JesusLuke 24:13-34Listen/Download
October 23, 2016SundayAMPastor FoxThe Exhausted SoulMatthew 11:28-30Listen/Download
October 23, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxQuestioning God's CallExodus 3:1-4:14Listen/Download
October 16, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Resurrection of JesusLuke 24:1-12Listen/Download
October 16, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickMy Heart Is BrokenJeremiah 23:9Listen/Download
October 9, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickIn the Tomb with JesusLuke 23:50-56Listen/Download
October 9, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickHis Word Was in My HeartJeremiah 20:9Listen/Download
October 2, 2016SundayAMPastor FoxArmed for Battle - Part 1Ephesians 6:10-14Listen/Download
October 2, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxArmed for Battle - Part 2Ephesians 6:15-17Listen/Download
September 25, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickOn the Cross with Jesus - Part 2Luke 23:44-49Listen/Download
September 25, 2016SundayPMMissionary Peter DoolittleReasons to Rejoice1 Peter 1:3-9Listen/Download
September 18, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickOn the Cross with Jesus - Part 1Luke 23:26-43Listen/Download
September 18, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxA Plea for ForgivenessPhilemonListen/Download
September 11, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickIn the Court Room with JesusLuke 22:54-23:24Listen/Download
September 11, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Potter's HouseJeremiah 18:1-10Listen/Download
September 4, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickIn the Garden with JesusLuke 22:39-53Listen/Download
September 4, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxUpward Love1 Peter 3:8-12Listen/Download
August 28, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickIn the Upper Room with JesusLuke 22:1-27Listen/Download
August 28, 2016SundayPMMissionary Phil PrettymanOrdinary Men Become Mighty Men2 Samuel 23:8-22Listen/Download
August 21, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Olivet Discourse According to Luke - Part 1Luke 21:5-28Listen/Download
August 21, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Olivet Discourse According to Luke - Part 2Luke 21:29-38Listen/Download
August 14, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Widow's MitesLuke 21:1-4Listen/Download
August 14, 2016SundayPMMissionary Tim MeyerAll NationsMatthew 28:18-20Listen/Download
August 7, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickWhat Think Ye of Christ?Luke 20:41-47Listen/Download
August 7, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickWearied by the FootmenJeremiah 12:5Listen/Download
July 31, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe God of the LivingLuke 20:19-40Listen/Download
July 31, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickPray Not Thou for This PeopleJeremiah 7:16Listen/Download
July 24, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickKilling the Son and Rejecting the StoneLuke 20:1-18Listen/Download
July 24, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickHow God Sees His PeopleJeremiah 2Listen/Download
July 17, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickHe Began to Cast Them OutLuke 19:45-48Listen/Download
July 10, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickVisitationLuke 19:28-44Listen/Download
July 10, 2016SundayPMMissionary Jerrod MontegomeryWhat Did the Blind Man Have to Do to Receive the Miracle?Mark 8:22-25Listen/Download
July 3, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickOccupy Till I ComeLuke 19:11-27Listen/Download
July 3, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickHath a Nation Changed Their Gods?Jeremiah 2Listen/Download
June 26, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickSeeking and Saving the LostLuke 19:1-10Listen/Download
June 26, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickBe Not Afraid of Their FacesJeremiah 1:1-10Listen/Download
June 19, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickJesus of Nazareth Passeth ByLuke 18:35-43Listen/Download
June 19, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxThe 3-Fold Responsibility of a Godly HusbandEphesians 5 & 6Listen/Download
June 12, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickBehold, We Go Up to JerusalemLuke 18:31-34Listen/Download
June 12, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickDavid and Goliath1 Samuel 17Listen/Download
June 5, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickWhat Shall I Do to Inherit Eternal Life?Luke 18:18-30Listen/Download
June 5, 2016SundayPMMissionary Michael RainsGod's Great Invitation Has a Great CostLuke 14Listen/Download
May 29, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickHow to Be Justified with GodLuke 18:9-17Listen/Download
May 29, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Ministry of the WordSelected ScripturesListen/Download
May 22, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickMen Ought Always to PrayLuke 18:1-8Listen/Download
May 22, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxLook! (Missions)Mark 16:15Listen/Download
May 15, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Kingdom of God Is Within YouLuke 17:20-37Listen/Download
May 15, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickHow to Profit in a World Gone Mad1 Timothy 4:12-16Listen/Download
May 8, 2016SundayAMPastor FoxHurray for Godly Mothers!Selected ScripturesListen/Download
May 8, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxThe Favor of the LORDSelected ScripturesListen/Download
May 1, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Ten LepersLuke 17:11-19Listen/Download
May 1, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickAuthoritySelected ScripturesListen/Download
April 24, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickUnprofitable ServantsLuke 17:7-10Listen/Download
April 24, 2016SundayPMMissionary Jordan GazawayDealing with DisappointmentLuke 5:1-11Listen/Download
April 17, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickIncrease Our FaithLuke 17:1-6Listen/Download
April 17, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxSpiritual MealsSelected ScripturesListen/Download
April 10, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Rich Man and LazarusLuke 16:19-31Listen/Download
April 10, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickA Good NameProverbs 22:1Listen/Download
April 3, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Unjust Steward - Part 1Luke 16:1-18Listen/Download
April 3, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Unjust Steward - Part 2Luke 16:1-18Listen/Download
March 27, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickRememberLuke 24:1-7Listen/Download
March 27, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxSeek Those Things Which Are AboveColossians 3:1-2Listen/Download
March 20, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickLost Things Found - Part 1Luke 15Listen/Download
March 20, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickLost Things Found - Part 2Luke 15Listen/Download
March 13, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickCounting the Cost of DiscipleshipLuke 14:25-35Listen/Download
March 13, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickReciprocityMatthew 7:1-5Listen/Download
March 6, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickSpiritual Dinner EtiquetteLuke 14:1-24Listen/Download
March 6, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxBeing a Witness: Lessons God Has Taught MeSelected ScripturesListen/Download
February 28, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickAre There Few That Be Saved?Luke 13:22-35Listen/Download
February 28, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickOur Light Affliction2 Corinthians 4:17-18Listen/Download
February 21, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickWhat Is the Kingdom of God?Luke 13:18-24Listen/Download
February 14, 2016SundaySunday SchoolPastor DeatrickExposition of 1 Peter 3:1-71 Peter 3:1-7Listen/Download
February 14, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickGod So Loved the World1 John 4:7-11; John 3:16Listen/Download
February 14, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickExposition of 1 Peter 3:8-181 Peter 3:8-18Listen/Download
February 7, 2016SundaySunday SchoolPastor DeatrickExposition of 1 Peter 2:12-211 Peter 2:12-21Listen/Download
February 7, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickCrooked Things StraightLuke 13:10-17Listen/Download
February 7, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickExposition of 1 Peter 2:21-251 Peter 2:21-25Listen/Download
January 31, 2016SundaySunday SchoolPastor DeatrickExposition of 1 Peter 1:1-171 Peter 1:1-17Listen/Download
January 31, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Offense of the CrossLuke 12:49-59Listen/Download
January 31, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickExposition of 1 Peter 1:18-2:121 Peter 1:18-2:12Listen/Download
January 24, 2016SundayAMMissionary Bob Doolittle7 SW's of MissionsSelected ScripturesListen/Download
January 24, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Son of Man ComethLuke 12:35-48Listen/Download
January 17, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickCovetousness of a Different KindLuke 12:22-34Listen/Download
January 17, 2016SundayPMPastor FoxYou Are Going to Die, So Let's Talk About ItSelected ScripturesListen/Download
January 10, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickDisciples Beware - Part 1Luke 12:1-14Listen/Download
January 10, 2016SundayPMPastor DeatrickDisciples Beware - Part 2Luke 12:13-21Listen/Download
January 3, 2016SundayAMPastor DeatrickThis Year AlsoLuke 13:6-9Listen/Download
January 3, 2016SundayPMMissionary Matt ShieldsA House of PrayerIsaiah 56:7Listen/Download
December 27, 2015SundayPMPastor Nathan DeatrickRemember His WordsLuke 24:1-16Listen/Download
December 20, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Prince of PeaceIsaiah 9:1-7Listen/Download
December 20, 2015SundayPMPastor FoxJesus Is the LightJohn 1:1-5Listen/Download
December 13, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Key of KnowledgeLuke 11:37-54Listen/Download
December 13, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickWhy Jesus Came - Part 2Selected ScripturesListen/Download
December 6, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickAn Evil GenerationLuke 11:29-36Listen/Download
November 29, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Finger of GodLuke 11:14-28Listen/Download
November 29, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickWhy Jesus Came - Part 1Selected ScripturesListen/Download
November 22, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickTeach Us to PrayLuke 11:1-13Listen/Download
November 15, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickMary Hath Chosen That Good PartLuke 10:38-42Listen/Download
November 15, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickLaodicean ChristianityRevelation 3:14-22Listen/Download
November 8, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickJustifying SelfLuke 10:25-37Listen/Download
November 8, 2015SundayPMVladimir TimofeyevsStop the ChariotActs 8:26-40Listen/Download
November 1, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickHidden and RevealedLuke 10:17-24Listen/Download
November 1, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe LogosLuke 10:17-20; John 1:1-18Listen/Download
October 25, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Other SeventyLuke 10:1-20Listen/Download
October 25, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickRevive Us AgainPsalm 85Listen/Download
October 18, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Time Was Come That He Should Be Received UpLuke 9:46-62Listen/Download
October 18, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickPaul's Last Words to Timothy2 TimothyListen/Download
October 11, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Transfiguration and the Day AfterLuke 9:27-45Listen/Download
October 11, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickBeing, Not DoingRomans 12:9-21Listen/Download
October 4, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickIf Any Man Will Come After MeLuke 9:23-27Listen/Download
October 4, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickPaul's 20/20 VisionActs 20:17-28Listen/Download
September 27, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Christ of GodLuke 9:18-22Listen/Download
September 27, 2015SundayPMMissionary Steven WivellA Diverse TeamColossians 4:7-14Listen/Download
September 20, 2015SundayAMPastor FoxWhat Is the Bible?Psalm 1:1-3Listen/Download
September 20, 2015SundayPMPastor FoxWhat Is Sin?James 1:13-15Listen/Download
September 13, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickFeeding the Five ThousandLuke 9:10-17Listen/Download
September 13, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickMeditation for GrandparentsPsalm 103Listen/Download
September 6, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickA Profile for PreachersLuke 9:1-9Listen/Download
September 6, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickSanctity of Human OccupationJohn 21:1-22Listen/Download
August 30, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickFear Not - Only BelieveLuke 8:40-56Listen/Download
August 30, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickWhy We Use the KJVSelected ScripturesListen/Download
August 23, 2015SundayAMPastor FoxThe Life-Encompassing ChristColossians 1:21-29Listen/Download
August 23, 2015SundayPMPastor FoxThe Importance of Accurate Doctrine1 Timothy 1:3-10Listen/Download
August 16, 2015SundayAMPastor FoxThe Amazing Good NewsRomans 1:1-4Listen/Download
August 16, 2015SundayPMPastor FoxA Tale of Two CitizensGenesis 19 & Joshua 2Listen/Download
August 9, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickOne Against a LegionLuke 8:26-40Listen/Download
August 9, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Will of God, Even Your Sanctification1 Thessalonians 4:1-7Listen/Download
August 2, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickWhat Manner of Man Is ThisLuke 8:19-25Listen/Download
August 2, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickRedeeming the TimeEphesians 5:16Listen/Download
July 26, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickTake Heed How Ye Hear - Part 1Luke 8:1-18Listen/Download
July 26, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickTake Heed How Ye Hear - Part 2Luke 8:1-18Listen/Download
July 19, 2015SundayAMBoyd HalfordWhy I Believe There Is a GodSelected ScripturesListen/Download
July 19, 2015SundayPMBoyd HalfordHow To Make Your Name Known in HellSelected ScripturesListen/Download
July 12, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Pharisee and the Sinner WomanLuke 7:36-50Listen/Download
July 5, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickAre You the One?Luke 7:18-35Listen/Download
July 5, 2015SundayPMMissionary Ben HamiltonIf You've Experienced Something, Say Something2 Kings 6:24-7:20Listen/Download
June 28, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickRaising the Widow's SonLuke 7:11-18Listen/Download
June 28, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Real Sin of SodomEzekiel 16:1-50Listen/Download
June 21, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickWorthy or Not?Luke 7:1-10Listen/Download
June 21, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickA Father's Heart - Part 21 Chronicles 29Listen/Download
June 14, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Sermon on the Plain - Part 3Luke 6:39-49Listen/Download
June 14, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickA Father's Heart - Part 11 Chronicles 21Listen/Download
June 7, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Sermon on the Plain - Part 2Luke 6:27-38Listen/Download
June 7, 2015SundayPMMissionary Nate MinionJesus' Last Words on EarthActs 1:1-8Listen/Download
May 31, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Sermon on the Plain - Part 1Luke 6:17-26Listen/Download
May 31, 2015SundayPMPastor FoxAbiding in ChristJohn 15:1-8Listen/Download
May 24, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Choosing of the TwelveLuke 6:12-16Listen/Download
May 24, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickLifting Up the Holy SpiritActs 2Listen/Download
May 17, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickLord of SabbathLuke 6:1-12Listen/Download
May 17, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Sabbath Day: Precept and ProhibitionExodus 20:8-11Listen/Download
May 10, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickSarah's Daughters1 Peter 3:1-6Listen/Download
May 10, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickRahab the Mother of BoazHebrews 11:31Listen/Download
May 3, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Old and the NewLuke 5:33-39Listen/Download
May 3, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickMore Than a ProphetMatthew 11:1-15Listen/Download
April 26, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickCalling Publicans and Sinners to RepentanceLuke 5:27-32Listen/Download
April 26, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickDemonsSelected ScripturesListen/Download
April 19, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickWho Can Forgive Sins But God Alone?Luke 5:16-26Listen/Download
April 19, 2015SundayPMPastor FoxEndeavoring to Keep the Unity of the SpiritEphesians 4:1-3Listen/Download
April 12, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickTouching a LeperLuke 5:12-16Listen/Download
April 12, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickSatanSelected ScripturesListen/Download
April 5, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe StoneMatthew 28:1-8Listen/Download
April 5, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickFive Pictures of a Christian's Death2 Corinthians 5Listen/Download
March 29, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Carpenter's Fishing LessonLuke 5:1-11Listen/Download
March 29, 2015SundayPMMissionary Rick OsbornThe HarvestMatthew 9:36-38Listen/Download
March 22, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Messiah's Doctrine and Power - Part 1Luke 4:31-44Listen/Download
March 22, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Messiah's Doctrine and Power - Part 2Luke 4:31-44Listen/Download
March 15, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Acceptable Year of the LordLuke 4:16-32Listen/Download
March 8, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickFame and GloryLuke 4:14-15Listen/Download
March 8, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickA Lesson on the SynagogueLuke 4:14-16Listen/Download
March 1, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Temptation of Christ - Part 2Luke 4:1-13Listen/Download
March 1, 2015SundayPMBro. RobertoPassing Doctrine to the Next GenerationJudges 2:7-11Listen/Download
February 22, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Temptation of Christ - Part 1Luke 4:1-3Listen/Download
February 22, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Hardest Battle You'll Ever FightDaniel 6:1-5Listen/Download
February 15, 2015SundayAMPastor FoxA Study of BitternessMatthew 26:75Listen/Download
February 15, 2015SundayPMPastor FoxWhy You Should Study the BibleColossians 3:16Listen/Download
February 8, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Lineage of Jesus, the Son of GodLuke 3:23-38Listen/Download
February 8, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickMembership in a Baptist ChurchActs 2:41-47Listen/Download
February 1, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickHeaven Was OpenedLuke 3:21-22Listen/Download
February 1, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe TrinityLuke 3:22Listen/Download
January 25, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickOne Mightier Than ILuke 3:15-20Listen/Download
January 25, 2015SundayPMPastor FoxThe Slothful and The SluggardProverbsListen/Download
January 18, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickFruits of RepentanceLuke 3:3-14Listen/Download
January 18, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickA Biblical Philosophy of Youth MinistryMalachi 4:5-6; Matthew 11:12-14; Luke 1:15-17Listen/Download
January 11, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Word of God Came Unto JohnLuke 3:1-3Listen/Download
January 11, 2015SundayPMBro. Pat GordonWhy Should We Pray for Our Missionaries?Acts 13:1-4Listen/Download
January 4, 2015SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Father's BusinessLuke 2:40-52Listen/Download
January 4, 2015SundayPMPastor DeatrickBoast Not Thyself of TomorrowProverbs 17:1Listen/Download
December 28, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Spirit-Led WitnessLuke 2:21-39Listen/Download
December 28, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickWhen They Saw the StarMatthew 2:1-12Listen/Download
December 21, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickGood Tidings of Great Joy to All PeopleLuke 2:1-20Listen/Download
December 21, 2014SundayPMPastor FoxWise Men Still Seek HimProverbs 18:1Listen/Download
December 14, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Hand of the Lord Was with HimLuke 1:57-66Listen/Download
December 14, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickZacharias' Song of PraiseLuke 1:67-80Listen/Download
December 7, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickJohn's Silent ProphecyLuke 1:39-56Listen/Download
December 7, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickHannah's Prayer1 Samuel 1Listen/Download
November 30, 2014SundayAMPastor FoxThank God for the LightJohn 1:1-9Listen/Download
November 30, 2014SundayPMPastor FoxThe Merciful GodJonah 1-4Listen/Download
November 23, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickBehold the handmaid of the LordLuke 1:26-38Listen/Download
November 16, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickGreat in the Sight of the LordLuke 1:15-17Listen/Download
November 16, 2014SundayPMMissionary Paul HitzGod Is WorkingRevelation 7:9-10Listen/Download
November 9, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickA Priest Named ZachariasLuke 1:5-25Listen/Download
November 9, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickSound Speech That Cannot Be CondemnedTitus 1:1-2:8Listen/Download
November 2, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickIntroduction to LukeLuke 1:1-4Listen/Download
November 2, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickLove1 Corinthians 13Listen/Download
October 26, 2014SundayAMPastor FoxThink On These ThingsPhilippians 4:6-8Listen/Download
October 26, 2014SundayPMPastor FoxHindrances to PrayerJames 4:1-3Listen/Download
October 19, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Work of Faith - Part 11 Thessalonians 1Listen/Download
October 19, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Work of Faith - Part 21 Thessalonians 2Listen/Download
October 12, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Testing of Your Faith - Part 11 Peter 1:3-9Listen/Download
October 12, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Testing of Your Faith - Part 21 Peter 1:3-9Listen/Download
October 5, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Feast of TabernaclesLeviticus 23:33ffListen/Download
October 5, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickJesus at the Feast of TabernaclesJohn 7:1-8:12Listen/Download
September 28, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Day of AtonementLuke 23:26-32Listen/Download
September 28, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Fulfillment of the Day of AtonementHebrews 1:1-3Listen/Download
September 21, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Feast of TrumpetsLeviticus 23:23-25Listen/Download
September 14, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Power of PrayerJohn 14:12-14Listen/Download
September 14, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Abiding Presence of GodJohn 14:12,16-17Listen/Download
September 7, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Importance of a Godly Heritage2 Timothy 1:3-5Listen/Download
September 7, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickOur Fathers Have Told UsPsalm 44:1-8Listen/Download
August 31, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Dignity of the BodyRomans 12:1-2; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20Listen/Download
August 31, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Common TaskColossians 3:17,23-24Listen/Download
August 24, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickResurrection1 Corinthians 15:1-8Listen/Download
August 24, 2014SundayPMPastor FoxHuman Tendencies in Worship and MusicExodus 32:1-18, 25Listen/Download
August 17, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickElection - Part 11 Thessalonians 1:2-4Listen/Download
August 17, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickElection - Part 2Ephesians 1:6,12,14Listen/Download
August 10, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickSecurityJohn 10:22-40Listen/Download
August 10, 2014SundayPMPastor Sam GrammerIn Adam or In Christ?Romans 5:12Listen/Download
August 3, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickSanctification1 Corinthians 6:9-11Listen/Download
August 3, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickBe Ye Angry, and Sin NotEphesians 4:26-27Listen/Download
July 27, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickJustificationLuke 18:9-14Listen/Download
July 27, 2014SundayPMAaron SessionsDo We Want What Is Best?Matthew 6:31-34Listen/Download
July 20, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickPropitiationRomans 3:21-26Listen/Download
July 20, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Law of ChristMatthew 5Listen/Download
July 13, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickRedemption1 Peter 1:18-19Listen/Download
July 6, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickReconciliationRomans 5:1-11Listen/Download
July 6, 2014SundayPMMichael Deatrick - Missionary to the Solomon IslandsStop Complaining, Continue Serving1 Kings 19:1-16Listen/Download
June 29, 2014SundayAMPastor FoxWhat Kind of Christianity Do We Need?Various ScripturesListen/Download
June 29, 2014SundayPMPastor FoxFirst Chair ChristianityJoshua 24:14-15Listen/Download
June 22, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickRepentanceMatthew 21:28-32Listen/Download
June 22, 2014SundayPMPastor Deatrick2 Peter 3Listen/Download
June 15, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickCorneliusActs 10:1-8Listen/Download
June 15, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickSupposing Him to Have Been In The CompanyLuke 2:39-52Listen/Download
June 8, 2014SundayAMAaron SessionsThe Standard Is Holiness1 Peter 1:15-16Listen/Download
June 8, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickAll Things Work Together for GoodRomans 8:28-30Listen/Download
June 1, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickSubstitutionHebrews 2:9Listen/Download
June 1, 2014Sunday PMMatt Shields - Missionary to MexicoDo You Serve Jesus?John 12:23-26Listen/Download
May 25, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickImputationRomans 4:1-12Listen/Download
May 25, 2014SundayPMPastor FoxLift Up Your Eyes, Look On the FieldsJohn 4:25-35Listen/Download
May 18, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickRegenerationJohn 1:10-13Listen/Download
May 18, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickIsrael & the ChurchGenesis 1:26Listen/Download
May 11, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickBury Me Next to LeahGenesis 35:19-20; 49:28-31Listen/Download
May 11, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickGraceEphesians 2:1-10Listen/Download
May 4, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickDepravity - Part 2Galatians 3:19-22Listen/Download
May 4, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickA Faithful and Wise Steward (Home School Graduation)Luke 12:42-48Listen/Download
April 27, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickDepravity - Part 1Galatians 3:19-22Listen/Download
April 20, 2014SundaySunday SchoolPastor DeatrickWhat Is a Baptist Church?Matthew 16:18Listen/Download
April 20, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickFor God SO Loved the WorldJohn 3:14-21Listen/Download
April 20, 2014Sunday PMPastor FoxGPS - God's Positioning SystemPsalm 119:105Listen/Download
April 13, 2014SundayAMPastor FoxI Will Build My ChurchMatthew 16:13-18Listen/Download
April 13, 2014SundaySunday SchoolDr. Don ScovillA New SongPsalm 40:1-3Listen/Download
April 6, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Five Functions of the Local New Testament Church - Part 1Acts 2:41-47Listen/Download
April 6, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Five Functions of the Local New Testament Church - Part 2Acts 2:41-47Listen/Download
March 30, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Great Commission According to MarkMark 16:15-20Listen/Download
March 30, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Three Days - Part 2Hebrews 8-9Listen/Download
March 23, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickUnbelief and Hardness of HeartMark 16:1-14Listen/Download
March 23, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Three Days - Part 1Hebrews 9:14Listen/Download
March 16, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Burial of Jesus' BodyMark 15:39-47Listen/Download
March 16, 2014SundayPMMissionary Stan KieferDoing the ImpossibleMatthew 14:22-31Listen/Download
March 9, 2014SundayAMPastor FoxSeeing GodExodus 3:5-6Listen/Download
March 9, 2014SundayPMPastor FoxFollowing GodJohn 10:27Listen/Download
March 2, 2014SundayAMPastor FoxThe Love of ChristEphesians 3:19Listen/Download
March 2, 2014SundayPMPastor FoxThe Blood of Christ1 Peter 1:17-19Listen/Download
February 23, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Crucifixion of the Lord JesusMark 15:21-39Listen/Download
February 23, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Ministry of the WordActs 6:1-8Listen/Download
February 16, 2014Sunday AMPastor DeatrickTo Content the PeopleMark 15:1-20Listen/Download
February 16, 2014SundayPMMissionary Mike SmithWhat Kind of a Lamb Are You?Psalm 23Listen/Download
February 9, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickJesus Before CaiaphasMark 14:53-15:1Listen/Download
February 9, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickBacksliding vs. ApostasyMark 14:54,66-72Listen/Download
February 2, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickBetrayed with a KissMark 14:43-52Listen/Download
February 2, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Cup Which My Father Hath Given MeJohn 18:1-11Listen/Download
January 26, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickWatch ye and pray, lest ye fall into temptationMark 14:26-42Listen/Download
January 26, 2014SundayPMPastor FoxHow We Serve1 Thessalonians 2:1-12Listen/Download
January 19, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickWoe to that ManMark 14:12-26Listen/Download
January 19, 2014Sunday PMPastor DeatrickWeighting SinMark 14:18-21Listen/Download
January 12, 2014SundayAMPastor DeatrickA Grand Waste or a Good Work?Mark 14:1-11Listen/Download
January 12, 2014SundayPMPastor DeatrickLiving Every Year to Its FullestPhilippians 4:8-9Listen/Download
December 29, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickSet Thine House in Order2 Kings 20:1-3Listen/Download
December 29, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickBenefits of Suffering1 Peter 5:10Listen/Download
December 22, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThat Holy ThingLuke 1:26-37Listen/Download
December 22, 2013SundayPMPastor FoxThe Shepherds' ResponseLuke 2:8-19Listen/Download
December 15, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickIf He Had Never Been BornMatthew 1:18-25Listen/Download
December 15, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Shepherd-KingMatthew 2:1-12Listen/Download
December 8, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Light of the WorldLuke 2:1-20Listen/Download
December 8, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Promised SeedGenesis 3:15Listen/Download
December 1, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Olivet Discourse - Part 2Mark 13:28-37Listen/Download
December 1, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Olivet Discourse - Part 3Matthew 24-25Listen/Download
November 24, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Olivet Discourse - Part 1Mark 13:1-27Listen/Download
November 17, 2013SundayAMBryan Stensaas - Missionary to UgandaI Sat Where They Sat Ezekiel 33:14-17Listen/Download
November 10, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickQuestions & AnswersMark 11:27-12:34Listen/Download
November 10, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickQuestions & Answers - continuedMark 12:35-44Listen/Download
November 3, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickHosanna - O God, Save Us NowMark 11:1-19Listen/Download
November 3, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickBelieving and Not DoubtingMark 11:20-26Listen/Download
October 27, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Blind Shall SeeMark 10:46-52Listen/Download
October 27, 2013SundayPMPastor FoxLessons from the Life of MosesNumbers 20:1-12Listen/Download
October 20, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Chiefest Shall Be Servant of AllMark 10:35-45Listen/Download
October 20, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickA Study of Israel1 Corinthians 10:32Listen/Download
October 13, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe First Shall Be LastMark 10:28-34Listen/Download
October 13, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickSuch As I HaveActs 3:1-11Listen/Download
October 6, 2013SundayAMPastor FoxSpiritual Impossibilities - Part 2Matthew 6:24Listen/Download
October 6, 2013SundayPMPastor FoxMy Jesus, I Love TheeVarious ScripturesListen/Download
September 29, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Rich Must Become PoorMark 10:17-27Listen/Download
September 29, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickHow to Live the Supernatural LifeRomans 12Listen/Download
September 22, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickAdults Must Become as ChildrenMark 10:13-16Listen/Download
September 22, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Gospel of ChristRomans 1:14-16Listen/Download
September 15, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickTwo Shall Be OneMark 10:1-12Listen/Download
September 15, 2013SundayPMCaleb Worley - Church Planter to New MexicoA Voice from HellLuke 16:19-31Listen/Download
September 8, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThey Understood NotMark 9:30-50Listen/Download
September 8, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickAs Did Their Fathers, So Do They2 Kings 17:41Listen/Download
September 1, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickFrom the Mountain to MinistryMark 9:14-29Listen/Download
September 1, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickLet him labor, working with his handsEphesians 4:28Listen/Download
August 25, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThey Saw No Man . . . Save Jesus OnlyMark 9:1-13Listen/Download
August 25, 2013SundayPMPastor FoxSpiritual Impossibilities - Part 1Hebrews 6:18Listen/Download
August 21, 2013Wednesday25th Anniversary Bible ConferenceDr. Glen JaspersConversion, Conscience, Convictions, and CharacterVarious TextsListen/Download
August 20, 2013Tuesday25th Anniversary Bible ConferenceDr. John StormerThe Life You WantPsalm 119:165Listen/Download
August 19, 2013Monday25th Anniversary Bible ConferenceDr. Glen JaspersPrior ClaimLuke 12:16-21Listen/Download
August 18, 2013Sunday25th Anniversary Bible Conference - Sunday SchoolDr. John StormerSomething Was MissingListen/Download
August 18, 2013Sunday25th Anniversary Bible Conference - AMDr. Glen JaspersAttributes of GodPsalm 139Listen/Download
August 18, 2013Sunday25th Anniversary Bible Conference - PMDr. John StormerA Plan to Reach the WorldMatthew 28:18-20Listen/Download
August 11, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickProfit and LossMark 8:34-38Listen/Download
August 11, 2013Sunday PMPastor DeatrickMissionary WorkVarious TextsListen/Download
August 4, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickConfession and ConfusionMark 8:27-33Listen/Download
July 28, 2013SundayAMBill DillonGod's Never-Failing PresencePsalm 46Listen/Download
July 28, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickForgiven But Never the SameLuke 15:11-32Listen/Download
July 21, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickBeware of LeavenMark 8:10-26Listen/Download
July 21, 2013SundayPMAaron SessionsYouth Night Sermon1 Peter 5:8Listen/Download
July 14, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickFrom Whence Can a Man Satisfy These Men With Bread in the WildernessMark 8:1-9Listen/Download
July 7, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickHe Hath Done All Things WellMark 7:24-37Listen/Download
July 7, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickGiving It AllGenesis 25:5-8,11Listen/Download
June 30, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThings That Defile a ManMark 7:1-23Listen/Download
June 30, 2013SundayPMBill DillonWhere Do You Stand Today?Ephesians 6:10-13Listen/Download
June 23, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickMark 6:30-52Listen/Download
June 23, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe First BaptistMatthew 3:1-12Listen/Download
June 16, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickIt Is John . . . He Is Risen from the DeadMark 6:14-29Listen/Download
June 16, 2013SundayPMPastor Deatrick12 Mistakes That Strong Men MakeJudges 13Listen/Download
June 9, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Marvel of UnbeliefMark 6:1-12Listen/Download
June 9, 2013SundayPMMissionary Frank MaiettaThe Value of OneLuke 15:1-7Listen/Download
June 2, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickTouched and Being TouchedMark 5:21-43Listen/Download
June 2, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Doctrine of the Holy SpiritJohn 14Listen/Download
May 26, 2013SundayAMPastor FoxLessons from the Early Persecuted ChurchActs 11:19-26Listen/Download
May 26, 2013Sunday PMPastor FoxAdvice from a Pastor to His Scattered ChurchJames 1:1-6Listen/Download
May 19, 2013SundayAMPastor FoxBuilding Your MarriageProverbs 31 & Ephesians 5:25-27Listen/Download
May 19, 2013SundayPMPastor FoxFor This PurposeActs 26:16-18Listen/Download
May 12, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickAnd He Delivered Him to His MotherLuke 7:11-18Listen/Download
May 12, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickQualifications of Pastor & Deacons1 Timothy 3:1-13Listen/Download
May 5, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickGo Home to Thy FriendsMark 5:1-20Listen/Download
April 28, 2013SundayAMPastor FoxWilling for a SeasonJohn 5:35Listen/Download
April 28, 2013SundayPMPastor Deatrick & Pastor FoxDebt Retirement ServiceI Kings 8; Acts 26Listen/Download
April 21, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickWhat Manner of Man Is This?Mark 4:35-41Listen/Download
April 21, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Nurture and Admonition of the Lord - Part 2Ephesians 6:4Listen/Download
April 14, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickTake Heed What Ye HearMark 4:21-34Listen/Download
April 14, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Nurture and Admonition of the Lord - Part 1Ephesians 6:4Listen/Download
April 7, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickParables and DoctrineMark 4:1-20Listen/Download
April 7, 2013SundayPMPastor Deatrick13 Ways Parents Provoke Their Children to WrathEphesians 6:4Listen/Download
March 31, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThen Came Jesus and Stood in the MidstJohn 20:19-28Listen/Download
March 31, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickJesus Showed Himself AgainJohn 21:1-22Listen/Download
March 24, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThat They Should Be With HimMark 3:13-35Listen/Download
March 24, 2013SundayPMPastor FoxIf You Want To, You CanMark 1:40-45Listen/Download
March 17, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickWhat Time Is It?Mark 3:6-12Listen/Download
March 17, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Indoctrination of Children - Part 2Jeremiah 35:1-10Listen/Download
March 10, 2013SundayAMPastor FoxA Reasoned ResponseLuke 4:1-13Listen/Download
March 10, 2013SundayPMMissionary Wes GazawayAbiding in ChristJohn 15:1-9Listen/Download
March 3, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Son of Man Is Lord of SabbathMark 2:23-3:5Listen/Download
March 3, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Indoctrination of Children - Part 1Deuteronomy 6:1-9Listen/Download
February 24, 2013SundayAMPastor FoxThe Acts of GodPsalm 139:1-12,17-18Listen/Download
February 24, 2013SundayPMPastor FoxThe Attributes of GodPsalm 139:13-16,19-24Listen/Download
February 17, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickMark 2:13-22Listen/Download
February 17, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickGod's Purpose in Our SalvationRomans 8:28-31Listen/Download
February 10, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickForgiveness of SinsMark 2:1-12Listen/Download
February 10, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickGod's PlanRomans 8:26-28Listen/Download
February 3, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickFishing for MenMark 1:12-45Listen/Download
February 3, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickOrdination of Tom Balzamo2 Timothy 4Listen/Download
January 27, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Beginning of the GospelMark 1:1-11Listen/Download
January 27, 2013SundayPMPastor FoxSo Run That Ye May Obtain1 Corinthians 9:23-27Listen/Download
January 20, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickMisplaced Affections1 John 2:15-17Listen/Download
January 20, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickMischiefExodus 21:22-25Listen/Download
January 13, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickWhat Is Man?Psalm 8Listen/Download
January 13, 2013SundayPMMissionary Joshua WesleyGet Back to the BibleIsaiah 56:10-11Listen/Download
January 6, 2013SundayAMPastor DeatrickThou Crownest the Year With Thy GoodnessPsalm 65Listen/Download
January 6, 2013SundayPMPastor DeatrickJudge Not, That Ye Be Not JudgedMatthew 7:1-5Listen/Download
December 30, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Throne Behind the ThroneIsaiah 6:1-8Listen/Download
December 30, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Disciples Were Called Christians First at AntiochActs 11:19-26Listen/Download
December 16, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Star of BethlehemMatthew 2:1-11Listen/Download
December 16, 2012Sunday PMPastor FoxHe CameJohn 1:1-12Listen/Download
December 9, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickBethlehem: House of BreadLuke 2:1-7Listen/Download
December 9, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Scriptures - Part 2Luke 24:25-27Listen/Download
December 2, 2012SundayAMBro. Clint SchrieberBreakingJeremiah 4:3Listen/Download
December 2, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Holy Scriptures - Part 12 Corinthians 12:1,7Listen/Download
November 25, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickPeter's BackslidingMatthew 16:13-16; 26:69-75Listen/Download
November 25, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Reclamation of PeterJohn 21:18-19Listen/Download
November 18, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickEnter Into His Gates With ThanksgivingPsalm 100Listen/Download
November 11, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickHow to Be a Good Soldier for Jesus Christ2 Timothy 2:1-4Listen/Download
November 11, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThey Shall Know There Has Been a Prophet Among ThemEzekiel 2:1-5Listen/Download
November 4, 2012SundayAMMissionary Terry EllisThings Found at the Altar1 Kings 18:30Listen/Download
October 28, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickBeginning with Faith, Ending with LoveRomans 5:1-5Listen/Download
October 21, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Unity of the BrethrenPsalm 133Listen/Download
October 21, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Myth that You Cannot Legislate MoralityGenesis 9:1-7Listen/Download
October 14, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickPsalm 3-4Listen/Download
October 14, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Lord Builds His HousePsalm 127Listen/Download
October 7, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickJeremiah 17:19-23Listen/Download
September 30, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickLessons from the Potter's HouseJeremiah 18:1-10Listen/Download
September 30, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Cost of DiscipleshipLuke 14:25-35Listen/Download
September 23, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThis One Thing I DoPhilippians 3:13-14Listen/Download
September 23, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickWilt Thou Destroy the Righteous with the Wicked?Genesis 18:16-33Listen/Download
September 21, 2012FridayPMEvangelist Ron ComfortThe AntichristRevelation 13:1-9Listen/Download
September 20, 2012ThursdayPMEvangelist Ron ComfortThe Rapture1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Listen/Download
September 19, 2012WednesdayPMEvangelist Ron ComfortWhat God Is LikeJob 36:26Listen/Download
September 18, 2012TuesdayPMEvangelist Ron ComfortWhat's Ahead for AmericaDaniel 5:1-5,25-27Listen/Download
September 17, 2012MondayPMEvangelist Ron ComfortThe Assurance of Salvation1 John 5:9-13Listen/Download
September 16, 2012SundayAMEvangelist Ron ComfortThe Evidences of a New Nature from the Early Church2 Peter 1:4Listen/Download
September 16, 2012Sunday PMEvangelist Ron ComfortThe Judgment Seat of Christ1 Corinthians 3:11-15Listen/Download
September 9, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Peaceful HeartJohn 14:27Listen/Download
September 9, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickBlessed Are the PeacemakersMatthew 5:9Listen/Download
September 2, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Praying Heart2 Samuel 7:27Listen/Download
September 2, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickWhat Advantage Hath the JewRomans 3:1-2Listen/Download
August 26, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Compassionate HeartEphesians 4:32Listen/Download
August 26, 2012SundayPMPastor FoxFaith to Enter the Promised LandNumbers 13Listen/Download
August 19, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Praising HeartIsaiah 12Listen/Download
August 19, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Whole Earth Is Full of His GloryIsaiah 6:1-8Listen/Download
August 12, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickConsider HimHebrews 3:1; 12:1-3Listen/Download
August 12, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Perfect Heart1 Chronicles 28:9-10Listen/Download
August 5, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Preparations of the HeartProverbs 16:1-3Listen/Download
August 5, 2012SundayPMMichael DeatrickGod's RequestGenesis 22:1Listen/Download
July 29, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickQuit You Like MenI Corinthians 16:5-24Listen/Download
July 29, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickConcerning the Collection1 Corinthians 16:1-4Listen/Download
July 22, 2012SundayPMAaron SessionsLost WonderRevelation 2:1-5Listen/Download
July 22, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickHow Are the Dead Raised Up?1 Corinthians 15:35-49Listen/Download
July 15, 2012SundayAMMissionary Eli SchrockIdolatryExodus 20:1-3Listen/Download
July 8, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThen Cometh the End - Part 21 Corinthians 15:20-28Listen/Download
July 8, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickFive Incentives1 Corinthians 15:28-58Listen/Download
July 1, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThen Cometh the End - Part 11 Corinthians 15:20-28Listen/Download
July 1, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickOur Citizenship Is in HeavenPhilippians 3:20-21Listen/Download
June 24, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickResurrection Motivations1 Corinthians 15:12-22Listen/Download
June 24, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Pierced EarExodus 21:1-6Listen/Download
June 17, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickPreparing a Son to Do the Will of God - Part 11 Chronicles 28:9-10Listen/Download
June 17, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickPreparing a Son to Do the Will of God - Part 21 Chronicles 28:11-29:28Listen/Download
June 10, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Resurrection1 Corinthians 15:1-11Listen/Download
June 3, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickPrinciples for Public Worship1 Corinthians 14:1,26,40Listen/Download
June 3, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThis sermon not available due to technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience.1 Corinthians 14
May 27, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickHow Are the Mighty Fallen2 Samuel 1:17-27Listen/Download
May 27, 2012SundayPMPastor FoxHolinessExodus 30Listen/Download
May 20, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickBe Not Weary in Well DoingGalatians 6:9Listen/Download
May 20, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickPrecept Upon PreceptIsaiah 28:9-16Listen/Download
May 13, 2012SundayAMPastor Deatrick2 Timothy 1:1-5Listen/Download
May 13, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickRuth 1:1-5ffListen/Download
May 6, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickWhat Does Membership in a Baptist Church Mean?Acts 2:41-47Listen/Download
May 6, 2012SundayPMMissionary Adam RichHow To Be a LightMatthew 5:13-16Listen/Download
April 29, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Greatest of These Is CharityI Corinthians 13Listen/Download
April 29, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Son of ConsolationActs 4:31-37Listen/Download
April 22, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Body of Christ IllustratedI Corinthians 12:14-31Listen/Download
April 22, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickDiversity with UnityI Corinthians 12:4-13Listen/Download
April 15, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Value of UnderstandingI Corinthians 12:1-3Listen/Download
April 15, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickWhat Happened to the Deacons?Acts 6:1-7Listen/Download
April 8, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickFirstborn from the DeadColossians 1:10-23Listen/Download
April 8, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickBecause He LivesLuke 24:1-9Listen/Download
April 1, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickLet a Man Examine HimselfI Corinthians 11:17-34Listen/Download
March 25, 2012SundayPMPastor FoxResponsibility & RewardProverbs 3:5-10Listen/Download
March 25, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Head of Every Man is ChristI Corinthians 11:1-16Listen/Download
March 18, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickInstructions to the Man of GodI Timothy 6:11-12Listen/Download
March 18, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickConscience and the Glory of GodI Corinthians 10:16-33Listen/Download
March 11, 2012Sunday AMPastor DeatrickFlee IdolatryI Corinthians 10:14-15Listen/Download
March 11, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickTheology of SicknessJames 5:14-16Listen/Download
March 4, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickLearning from an Old Testament CastawayI Corinthians 10:1-13Listen/Download
February 26, 2012SundayPMPastor FoxThe Preeminent Christ - Part 2Colossians 1:23-2:10Listen/Download
February 26, 2012SundayAMPastor FoxThe Preeminent Christ - Part 1Colossians 1:9-22Listen/Download
February 19, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickForfeiting Your FreedomI Corinthians 9Listen/Download
February 12, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickLiberty or Love?I Corinthians 8Listen/Download
February 12, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickQuestionable ThingsRomans 14Listen/Download
February 5, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickServing the Lord Without DistractionI Corinthians 7Listen/Download
February 5, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickLuke 22:13-38Listen/Download
January 29, 2012SundayPMPastor FoxSanctification as it applies to physical purityI Thessalonians 4:1-8Listen/Download
January 29, 2012SundayAMPastor FoxFour Little ThingsProverbs 30:24-28Listen/Download
January 22, 2012SundayPMMissionary David SchrockBut If NotDaniel 3Listen/Download
January 22, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickComments on I Corinthians 7:1-9I Corinthians 7:1-9Listen/Download
January 15, 2012SundayPMPastor DeatrickFlee Fornication - Part 2I Corinthians 6:18-20Listen/Download
January 15, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickFlee Fornication - Part 1I Corinthians 6:9-20Listen/Download
January 8, 2012SundayPMMissionary Francisco PennerFinish His WorkJohn 4:34Listen/Download
January 8, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickSuffering WrongfullyI Corinthians 6:1-8Listen/Download
January 1, 2012SundayPMAaron Sessions & Michael DeatrickTwo messages from our young men in Bible collegeJudges 6; Daniel 3Listen/Download
January 1, 2012SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Dignity of the Christian's BodyI Corinthians 6Listen/Download
December 25, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickUnto Us a Child Is BornIsaiah 9:6Listen/Download
December 18, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickExercising Church DisciplineI Corinthians 5Listen/Download
December 18, 2011SundayPMPastor FoxAre You Looking for God's Work in Your Life?Isaiah 55:8-9Listen/Download
December 11, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickIt Is More Blessed to Give Than to ReceiveActs 20:17-35Listen/Download
December 11, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickA Spectacle to the WorldI Corinthians 4:6-21Listen/Download
December 4, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickStewards of the Mysteries of GodI Corinthians 4:1-5Listen/Download
December 4, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Mystery of GodlinessI Timothy 3:16Listen/Download
November 27, 2011SundayPMPastor FoxBe Still, My SoulPsalm 42-43Listen/Download
November 27, 2011SundayAMPastor FoxNo ThanksRomans 1:21Listen/Download
November 20, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickLet No Man Glory in MenI Corinthians 3:16-23 Listen/Download
November 13, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickRevealed by FireI Corinthians 3:9-15Listen/Download
November 13, 2011SundayPMMissionary Peter DoolittlePhinehas or Phinehas?I Samuel 1; Numbers 25Listen/Download
November 6, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickUnavailable
November 6, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickUnavailable
October 30, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickI Corinthians 2:6-13Listen/Download
October 30, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickWhat Manner of Man Is This?Mark 4:35-41Listen/Download
October 23, 2011Sunday AMPastor DeatrickJesus Christ and Him CrucifiedI Corinthians 2:1-8Listen/Download
October 16, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Foolishness of PreachingI Corinthians 1:17-24Listen/Download
October 16, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickGod's Tool BoxI Corinthians 1:25-31Listen/Download
October 9, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickJoshua 24Listen/Download
October 9, 2011Sunday AMPastor DeatrickBaptism or the CrossI Corinthians 1Listen/Download
October 2, 2011Sunday AMPastor DeatrickIs Christ Divided?I Corinthians 1:10-17Listen/Download
October 2, 2011SundayPMMissionary Gary MessickOur Direction and Our BurdenJohn 4:13-14Listen/Download
September 25, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickReasons for RevivalI Corinthians 1:2-9Listen/Download
September 25, 2011SundayPMPastor FoxDealing with FearMatthew 10:28-31Listen/Download
September 18, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickJoshua Calls the Elders to CourageJoshua 23Listen/Download
September 18, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Church of God Which Is at CorinthI Corinthians 1:1-3Listen/Download
September 11, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickWe Have Heard With Our Ears; Our Fathers Have Told UsPsalm 44:1-8Listen/Download
September 11, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickA Witness Between UsJoshua 22Listen/Download
September 4, 2011SundayAMMissionary Matt BurnsBe of Good CheerJohn 16:33Listen/Download
August 28, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickThere Remaineth Yet Very Much To DoJoshua 12-21Listen/Download
August 28, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Prevalence of UnbeliefMark 6:30-52Listen/Download
August 21, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickThere Arose a Generation Which Knew Not the LORDJudges 2:1-15Listen/Download
August 21, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Battle of MeromJoshua 11Listen/Download
August 14, 2011SundayAMPastor FoxWhat and HowVarious ScripturesListen/Download
August 14, 2011SundayPMPastor FoxThem That Have the Rule Over YouHebrews 13:7,17,24Listen/Download
August 7, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Fall of Beth-HoronJoshua 10Listen/Download
August 7, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickLet a Man Examine HimselfI Corinthians 11:23-34Listen/Download
July 31, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Fall of AiJoshua 8:1-2Listen/Download
July 31, 2011SundayAMEmil CmayloBeware That Thou Forget Not the LORD Thy GodDeuteronomy 8:11Listen/Download
July 24, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Accursed ThingJoshua 6:17-21Listen/Download
July 24, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Property of LifeEphesians 6:1-3Listen/Download
July 17, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Fall of JerichoJoshua 5:13-6:25Listen/Download
July 17, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Fall of Jericho - continuedJoshua 5:13-6:25Listen/Download
July 10, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Repentance of a Good ManJob 42:1-6Listen/Download
July 10, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Covenant RestoredJoshua 5:1-12Listen/Download
July 3, 2011SundayAMPastor FoxWhen the World Goes Soul WinningII Timothy 4:10Listen/Download
June 26, 2011SundayPMDaniel Boles - Missionary to ThailandThe Righteous God Trieth the Hearts and ReinsPsalm 7:1-9Listen/Download
June 26, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Balance of Human & Divine ResponsibilitiesJoshua 3-4Listen/Download
June 19, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickFew and Evil Have Been the Days of My LifeGenesis 47:8-9Listen/Download
June 19, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Blessing of a FatherGenesis 27:26-29Listen/Download
June 12, 2011Sunday PMEmil CmayloSix Precepts from Psalm 37Psalm 37Listen/Download
June 12, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickA True Token of FaithJoshua 2Listen/Download
June 5, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickEssential Elements of Leadership - Part 2Joshua 1:12-18Listen/Download
June 5, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickPrinciples of JudgmentMatthew 7:1-5Listen/Download
May 29, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickEssential Elements of Leadership - Part 1Joshua 1:10-11Listen/Download
May 22, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickThou Hast Enlarged Me Psalm 4:1Listen/Download
May 15, 2011SundayPMWill GeisemanThe Choir Needs RevivalII Chronicles 7:14Listen/Download
May 15, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickCeremonies That Are Designed to TeachExodus 13:14-15Listen/Download
May 8, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickIt Takes TimeProverbs 29:15Listen/Download
May 8, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Lord Visited HannahI Samuel 2:18-21Listen/Download
May 1, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickJesus WeptJohn 11:35Listen/Download
May 1, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickMissionary EnterpriseMark 6:6-13Listen/Download
April 29, 2011FridayPMEvangelist Dwight SmithGone Fishing with JesusJohn 4:1-42Listen/Download
April 28, 2011ThursdayPMEvangelist Dwight SmithDaddy! Daddy! Please Don't Drag Me to HellGenesis 19:23-25Listen/Download
April 27, 2011WednesdayPMEvangelist Dwight SmithLook and Live!John 3:14-16Listen/Download
April 26, 2011TuesdayPMEvangelist Dwight SmithAre You Even Conscious?Ephesians 5:14Listen/Download
April 25, 2011MondayPMEvangelist Dwight SmithWarning Label: Beware of a Critical SpiritII Samuel 6Listen/Download
April 24, 2011SundayPMEvangelist Dwight SmithI Just Want To Be a DonkeyPsalm 32:9Listen/Download
April 24, 2011SundayAMEvangelist Dwight SmithPowerless SoldiersMatthew 27:62-66Listen/Download
April 24, 2011SundaySunday SchoolEvangelist Dwight SmithRevival NowII Chronicles 28-29Listen/Download
April 17, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickRemember from Whence Thou Art FallenRevelation 2:1-7Listen/Download
April 17, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickPrayer & FastingMatthew 17:14-21Listen/Download
April 10, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickAre Ye Able?Matthew 20:20-23Listen/Download
April 3, 2011SundayAMPastor FoxStrange BehaviorMark 5:1-20Listen/Download
April 3, 2011SundayPMPastor FoxEither-OrMatthew 6:24Listen/Download
March 27, 2011SundayPMPastor FoxNo, Not One!Various Scriptures supporting hymn textListen/Download
March 27, 2011SundayAMPastor FoxWhy Witness?Matthew 28:18-20Listen/Download
March 20, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickTeach Us to PrayLuke 11:1-13Listen/Download
March 20, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickTrue FriendshipJohn 17:17-26Listen/Download
March 13, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Prayer of the OvercomerJohn 17:6-19Listen/Download
March 13, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickJesus of Nazareth Passeth ByLuke 18:35-43Listen/Download
March 6, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickPreparation for RevivalII Chronicles 7:14Listen/Download
March 6, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickWhat Is Eternal Life?John 17:1-12Listen/Download
February 27, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickPeculiar PeopleI Peter 2:1-10Listen/Download
February 27, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickBe of Good CheerJohn 16:23-33Listen/Download
February 20, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickSorrow Turned Into JoyJohn 16:16-22Listen/Download
February 20, 2011SundayPMPastor FoxIt Doesn't Matter What They ThinkGalatians 1:10Listen/Download
February 13, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Burden of EgyptIsaiah 19Listen/Download
February 13, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Spirit of TruthJohn 16:1-15Listen/Download
February 6. 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickGreater Love Hath No Man than ThisJohn 15:13Listen/Download
February 6, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickNo More Servants, But FriendsJohn 15:12-25Listen/Download
January 30, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe True vineJohn 15:1-11Listen/Download
January 30, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickEphraim Is Joined to Idols; Let Him AloneHosea 4:17Listen/Download
January 23, 2011SundayPMZach Bruner, Missionary to Amazon BasinGod Doing the Extraordinary Through the OrdinaryMatthew 17:14-21Listen/Download
January 23, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Difference Between a Disciple and the WorldJohn 14:21-31Listen/Download
January 16, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickWalk in the SpiritGalatians 5:16-26Listen/Download
January 16, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickIn That Day Ye Shall KnowJohn 14:7-20Listen/Download
January 9, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickHe that is SpiritualI Corinthians 2:14-3:4Listen/Download
January 9, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickLessons from the Upper RoomJohn 14:1-6Listen/Download
January 2, 2011SundayPMPastor DeatrickDiscipleshipActs 2:41-47Listen/Download
January 2, 2011SundayAMPastor DeatrickNot in One YearExodus 23:20-33Listen/Download
December 26, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickHis Name Was Called JesusLuke 2:21Listen/Download
December 26, 2010Sunday PMPastor DeatrickWise Men Still Seek HimMatthew 2:1-12Listen/Download
December 19, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Joy of ChristmasLuke 2Listen/Download
December 12, 2010SundayPMPastor DeatrickAppealing to Your Child's ConscienceJohn 8:1-8Listen/Download
December 12, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickMary Pondered These Things in Her HeartLuke 2:1-20,51Listen/Download
December 5, 2010Sunday AMPastor DeatrickFear Not . . . a Savior Is BornLuke 2:8-11Listen/Download
December 5, 2010SundayPMPastor Deatrick12 Principles of Child-RearingDeuteronomy 6:1-9Listen/Download
November 28, 2010SundayPMPastor FoxLike a River GloriousVarious Scriptures supporting hymn textListen/Download
November 28, 2010SundayAMPastor FoxThere Was Rejoicing in Heaven While Christ Was on the CrossLuke 23:39-43Listen/Download
November 21, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickI'm Not Ashamed of the Gospel of ChristRomans 1:14-16Listen/Download
November 14, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickSaved By Grace Through FaithEphesians 2:8-10Listen/Download
November 14, 2010SundayPMMichael Wonser - Missionary to the PhilippinesDeveloping a Passion for Sharing Your FaithLuke 18:35-43Listen/Download
November 7, 2010SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Leadership of the LORDProverbs 16:1-12Listen/Download
November 7, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe New BirthJohn 3:1-8Listen/Download
October 31, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickHis Majesty in MiseryLuke 22:63-65Listen/Download
October 31, 2010SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Light of the EyesProverbs 15:18-33Listen/Download
October 24, 2010SundayPMPastor FoxWhat the Publican SawLuke 18:9-14Listen/Download
October 24, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickReligious but LostLuke 18:9-14Listen/Download
October 17, 2010SundayPMExcerpts from Youth NightListen/Download
October 17, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Lamb or The LionJohn 1:1-3, 14, 18Listen/Download
October 10, 2010SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Benefits of a Merry HeartProverbs 15:10-17; 17:22Listen/Download
October 10, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickThe Folly of Trying to Cover SinProverbs 28:13Listen/Download
October 3, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickJudas Knew the PlaceJohn 18:1-14Listen/Download
October 3, 2010SundayPMPastor DeatrickThe Sacrifice of the WickedProverbs 15:8-9Listen/Download
September 26, 2010SundayPMPastor FoxApproaching a Secularized Culture with Our FaithActs 17:16-34Listen/Download
September 26, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickLaunch Out Into the DeepLuke 5:1-11Listen/Download
September 19, 2010SundayPMPastor DeatrickTalking & TurningProverbs 14:32-15:7Listen/Download
September 19, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickHow to Beat a Giant1 Samuel 17Listen/Download
September 12, 2010SundayPMPastor DeatrickStrong ConfidenceProverbs 14:26-31Listen/Download
September 12, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickStanding in the SpiritEphesians 6:10-24Listen/Download
September 5, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 6:5-9Listen/Download
September 5, 2010SundayPMPastor DeatrickProverbs 14:15-25Listen/Download
August 29, 2010SundayPMPastor DeatrickProverbs 14:6-14Listen/Download
August 29, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 6:1-4Listen/Download
August 22, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 5:27-33Listen/Download
August 22, 2010SundayPMPastor FoxBiblical Basics #10: The Balance of Biblical JudgingMatthew 7:1-5Listen/Download
August 15, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 5:24-26Listen/Download
August 15, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 5:21-23Listen/Download
August 8, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 5:18-21Listen/Download
August 1, 2010SundayPMPastor DeatrickEphesians 5:1-17Listen/Download
August 1, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 5:1-2Listen/Download
July 25, 2010Sunday PMPastor FoxIf You Were WritingII Timothy 2:1-2Listen/Download
July 4, 2010SundayAMPastor Nathan DeatrickWhat We Can Do About Our Nation's ProblemsPsalm 11:1Listen/Download
July 4, 2010SundayPMPastor Nathan DeatrickDoing the Will of GodJohn 4:31-38Listen/Download
June 27, 2010SundayPMPastor FoxBiblical Basics #9: Maturity & SpiritualityListen/Download
June 27, 2010SundayAMPastor FoxLuke 7:36-50Listen/Download
June 20, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 4:29-32Listen/Download
June 13, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 4:20-28Listen/Download
June 6, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 4:1-19Listen/Download
June 2, 2010WednesdayPMPastor DeatrickPsalm 121Listen/Download
May 23, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 3Listen/Download
May 16, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 2:11-22Listen/Download
May 9, 2010Sunday PMPastor FoxBiblical Basics #8: MeditationPsalm 1:1-3Listen/Download
May 9, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickProverbs 31Listen/Download
May 2, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 2:1-10Listen/Download
April 25, 2010Sunday AMPastor DeatrickEphesians 1:22-23Listen/Download
April 18, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 1:15-23Listen/Download
April 11, 2010Sunday AMPastor DeatrickEphesians 1:3-14 (Part 4)Listen/Download
March 28, 2010SundayPMPastor FoxBiblical Basics #7: ContentmentListen/Download
March 28, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 1:3-14 (Part 3)Listen/Download
March 21, 2010SundayAMHandout for Ephesians 1:3-14 (Part 2)Referenced in the March 21 sermonView/Download
March 21, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 1:3-14 (Part 2)Listen/Download
March 7, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 1:3-14 (Part 1)Listen/Download
February 28, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians 1:1-2Listen/Download
February 28, 2010SundayPMPastor FoxBiblical Basics #6: The Reality of HellListen/Download
February 21, 2010SundayAMPastor DeatrickEphesians - IntroductionListen/Download